Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hello Summer... Goodbye Disneyland

At least for the summer time anyway. That's right, my annual pass has expired and I won't be renewing it until after summer. Here's a look into my last day at Disneyland (until September). 

We decided to hit some of the spots that we don't usually do, like the Dream House!

On our way to ride Pirates, we ran into Angelica and Jack Sparrow. Ahem, Captain Jack Sparrow.

Jack wanted to know where I got all my "treasures" and why I didn't have any of him, haha!

Space Mountain for the last time =(

Hidden Mickey? Where do you think this one is at?

Star Trader reopened! And there were tons of new merchandise. I was quite taken with the Yoda Beanie =)

Aww so sad. Thankfully I had a yummy ice cream sandwich to cheer me up. Until September, Disneyland!

I will continue to update this blog with new of new pins and other various disney news until I renew my pass. Thanks for reading!


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