Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hollywood Soda Fountain "Trophy" Pins

Just saw these online! I'm sure they're already sold out, but I still want to share them with you ^_^
In honor of the upcoming Oscar Academy Awards, Disney have come out with these "trophy" pins! They were sold on February 19th at the Disney's Soda Fountain & Studio Store in Hollywood... see the flyer here

And here's a picture of some of the pins. I love the Stitch & Tinkerbell

Maybe one day I'll get my hands on one of these...

The forecast is once again predicting rain in LA, so I might not do Disneyland this weekend =( But if the sun is out, you can bet that I'll be there!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dancing Lions

This was a short video I took of the Dancing Lions from the "Family Fun Weekend- Lunar New Year"

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rainy Weekend

Raining all weekend in LA, plus holiday weekend (Presidents' Day) means no Disneyland or pin trading this week. I was looking forward to going back on Sunday since the last 2 weekends have been kind of... crowded and not many pins to trade. But I know for a fact that I wouldn't have fun when it's raining and super crowded. All annual pass holders are blocked out except for those who have the premium pass.

Maybe I'll make a short day trip on Wednesday! I hope to have new pins to show you all soon.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day Weekend 2011

Thinking of going to Disneyland on Valentine's day weekend? Don't do it! We went down there and it was pretty packed. I remember going on Valentine's day weekend last year but I don't remember it being so busy. We got on about 4 rides... Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones (Fast Pass), Monsters' Inc, and Toy Story Mania. By the time we got to Space Mountain and Tower of Terror, the fast passes were all out and the rides were at a 65 minute wait. We thought, "Oh well! We can go on the rides next time. Let's do some pin trading!". That didn't really work out either...
I don't know if, it's because it was busy, but for a Sunday (as some people would call it, "Trading Day") not many Cast Members had on lanyards. Usually on Sundays, I've found some pretty cool pins to trade. This past Sunday, I only traded about 6... and nothing that I really want to collect, except for the Mickey Skellington one =P

Top Row: Tinkerbell from Disney Cruise Line, Mickey w/ Sorcerer's Hat, Flying Tink, and a Minnie from DLRP.  Bottom Row: Mike & Sulley of Monsters' Inc, Hop Low from Fantasia, Daisy as Rapunzel from Disney Adventures, and Mickey as Jack Skellington.

Since pin trading wasn't going so well, we decided to check out Downtown Disney and take a break from the crowd. And there was a swing band by the ESPN Zone! So we stay for a while and danced. Lot's of fun! The band played a lot of songs by the Andrews Sisters (I love their songs). 

V-Day weekend was also the last weekend for the Lunar New Year Festival. The weekend of 2/18 will be the last Family Fun Weekend, and Disneyland will be celebrating Mardi Gras! I think it'll be over at the New Orleans Square. I want to check it out, but the forecast is saying that it'll be raining through the weekend, so we'll see!

Thanks for reading and I hope I'll have some cool pins to show you next time!



Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sunday Feb. 7th

Super Bowl Sunday = busy day at Disneyland. So much for my theory of it being empty... apparently everyone else had the same idea. So we didn't get to go on many rides, but we did get to trade tons of pins! We also checked out the Family Fun Weekends event. This past weekend (and this one coming up), they're celebrating the Lunar New Year. 
They had a the whole Thunder Ranch set up. An area/stage for dance and martial arts demonstrations. Picture areas with Mickey, Minnie, Chip & Dale, and Mulan & Mushu. They also sold various tea and other asian treats in carts. Here are some pictures from the event:
Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

I caught a quick view of Chip as he was leaving

Me with Mickey and Minnie, all dressed up

Dancing Mushu

Mulan & Mushu

Fan dancers

The Dragon dance

The Dancing Lions
A beautiful ribbon dancer
This picture is too cute! A little girl all dressed up and looks like Mickey is eating her face =)

And as for the pin trading, we got some pretty good trades! I think I traded about 9 or 10 pins totally. I even got a cool limited edition 100 pin of the Pixar Short "Birds" of a cast member. See the pin in the picture below:
Pins I traded from this weekend. I love the Pixar "Birds" one.
 I also complete the Little Mermaid Hidden Mickey set with the seashell Eric. And I even found another Disneyland Paris pin! It's the Tinker Bell full figure one (looks like she's doing a pirouette).

Hope you like all the pictures. Until next time!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lots of Princesses!

From my last trip to Disneyland, I not only brought back some fun pins, I also got to see a lot of princesses around the park. For as long as I've had my annual pass to Disneyland and going as often as I do, I haven't really seen any princesses around the park. I thought they only took pictures at the Princess Fantasy Faire. But here's who we bumped into:
With Ariel!

Snow White and the Wicked Queen
Snow White and the Queen checking out my pins    

 While Snow White and the Queen were looking at my pins, the Queen asked "Now why don't you have any of me?" and I said "I couldn't find any of you." She then said "Ah! They must all be sold out! I'm so popular." Gotta love Disney =)

And onto the pins I found that day:

 Sorry for the blurry picture... I don't know why my camera wasn't focusing. 
From the top role, left to right: 
Sebastion (Part of the Little Mermaid Hidden Mickey collection)
Jasmine (I think her and Jafar are a set in the stores)
Ariel with the quote "I'm not fishing for compliments."
Mickey from "Brave Little Tailor" ( I think?)
and for the bottle role, left to right are my 3 stitches =)

The next time I'll be back at Disneyland is during one of the Lunar New Year Festival weekends (part of the Family Fun Weekends). 

Thanks for reading!