Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lots of Princesses!

From my last trip to Disneyland, I not only brought back some fun pins, I also got to see a lot of princesses around the park. For as long as I've had my annual pass to Disneyland and going as often as I do, I haven't really seen any princesses around the park. I thought they only took pictures at the Princess Fantasy Faire. But here's who we bumped into:
With Ariel!

Snow White and the Wicked Queen
Snow White and the Queen checking out my pins    

 While Snow White and the Queen were looking at my pins, the Queen asked "Now why don't you have any of me?" and I said "I couldn't find any of you." She then said "Ah! They must all be sold out! I'm so popular." Gotta love Disney =)

And onto the pins I found that day:

 Sorry for the blurry picture... I don't know why my camera wasn't focusing. 
From the top role, left to right: 
Sebastion (Part of the Little Mermaid Hidden Mickey collection)
Jasmine (I think her and Jafar are a set in the stores)
Ariel with the quote "I'm not fishing for compliments."
Mickey from "Brave Little Tailor" ( I think?)
and for the bottle role, left to right are my 3 stitches =)

The next time I'll be back at Disneyland is during one of the Lunar New Year Festival weekends (part of the Family Fun Weekends). 

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