Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day Weekend 2011

Thinking of going to Disneyland on Valentine's day weekend? Don't do it! We went down there and it was pretty packed. I remember going on Valentine's day weekend last year but I don't remember it being so busy. We got on about 4 rides... Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones (Fast Pass), Monsters' Inc, and Toy Story Mania. By the time we got to Space Mountain and Tower of Terror, the fast passes were all out and the rides were at a 65 minute wait. We thought, "Oh well! We can go on the rides next time. Let's do some pin trading!". That didn't really work out either...
I don't know if, it's because it was busy, but for a Sunday (as some people would call it, "Trading Day") not many Cast Members had on lanyards. Usually on Sundays, I've found some pretty cool pins to trade. This past Sunday, I only traded about 6... and nothing that I really want to collect, except for the Mickey Skellington one =P

Top Row: Tinkerbell from Disney Cruise Line, Mickey w/ Sorcerer's Hat, Flying Tink, and a Minnie from DLRP.  Bottom Row: Mike & Sulley of Monsters' Inc, Hop Low from Fantasia, Daisy as Rapunzel from Disney Adventures, and Mickey as Jack Skellington.

Since pin trading wasn't going so well, we decided to check out Downtown Disney and take a break from the crowd. And there was a swing band by the ESPN Zone! So we stay for a while and danced. Lot's of fun! The band played a lot of songs by the Andrews Sisters (I love their songs). 

V-Day weekend was also the last weekend for the Lunar New Year Festival. The weekend of 2/18 will be the last Family Fun Weekend, and Disneyland will be celebrating Mardi Gras! I think it'll be over at the New Orleans Square. I want to check it out, but the forecast is saying that it'll be raining through the weekend, so we'll see!

Thanks for reading and I hope I'll have some cool pins to show you next time!



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