Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sunday Feb. 7th

Super Bowl Sunday = busy day at Disneyland. So much for my theory of it being empty... apparently everyone else had the same idea. So we didn't get to go on many rides, but we did get to trade tons of pins! We also checked out the Family Fun Weekends event. This past weekend (and this one coming up), they're celebrating the Lunar New Year. 
They had a the whole Thunder Ranch set up. An area/stage for dance and martial arts demonstrations. Picture areas with Mickey, Minnie, Chip & Dale, and Mulan & Mushu. They also sold various tea and other asian treats in carts. Here are some pictures from the event:
Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

I caught a quick view of Chip as he was leaving

Me with Mickey and Minnie, all dressed up

Dancing Mushu

Mulan & Mushu

Fan dancers

The Dragon dance

The Dancing Lions
A beautiful ribbon dancer
This picture is too cute! A little girl all dressed up and looks like Mickey is eating her face =)

And as for the pin trading, we got some pretty good trades! I think I traded about 9 or 10 pins totally. I even got a cool limited edition 100 pin of the Pixar Short "Birds" of a cast member. See the pin in the picture below:
Pins I traded from this weekend. I love the Pixar "Birds" one.
 I also complete the Little Mermaid Hidden Mickey set with the seashell Eric. And I even found another Disneyland Paris pin! It's the Tinker Bell full figure one (looks like she's doing a pirouette).

Hope you like all the pictures. Until next time!


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