Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Collection Part II

I never made it to Disneyland on Sunday... so to make up for it, we went today! I thought it would be a very slow day at the park, being it in the middle of the week and all, and that not many cast members would have their lanyards on. Boy was I wrong! Most of the cast members had lanyards and we found some great pins. Besides pins galore, many characters were also out today. 
With Cinderella and her fairy Godmother

Below are pictures of the pins I traded today, as well as more from my collection =)
Aurora in her blue dress, Mulan, Tiana, and Maleficent

Tinker Bell ice sculpture hidden mickey, a Tinker Bell pin from Disney Cruise Line, Hula Minnie and an Ursula hidden mickey pin

Cutie Abu!

Daisy Duck as Madame Leota.

Clarabelle as Ariel and a Jasmine gem hidden mickey pin

From my collection. This one glows in the dark!

Collection: Hidden Mickey princess teacups and Nightmare Before Christmas candy corn hidden mickey pins. I'm still missing Zero.

Also, Disneyland is refurbishing/renovating a lot since this is the off season. They blocked off part of Main Street, USA. No horse-drawn carriages or vehcles until further notice.

I had such a great time today, I only wish I could have stayed the whole day, and not have to leave early (for work and etc.)
Next time I go back, it'll be for the Lunar New Year celebration they're doing during the Family Fun Weekends. 


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