Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back at Disneyland!

I made a last minute impromptu trip to Disneyland last Sunday with my friends Diana and Kim and we had such a blast! We got to the park later in the evening, about 7pm. It had started to drizzle when we got in the park, so most of the guests were leaving. It was one of the least crowded Sunday night that I've experienced. Still, there were tons of cast members with lanyards on! We missed all the pin traders since it was so late in the afternoon, but I still found some pins that I wanted on Cast Members:
   Vinylmation Hamm
Princess Minnie from "Brave Little Tailor", this pin is from Disneyland Paris
Cool looking Mickey Jedi pin
Stitch FL license plate!
Yay for more princess pins!

I also saw a lot of new merchandise, too. And new packaging for candy. My favorite is the Jessica Rabbit dark chocolate mint cream box. 

New packaging for candy
I love the Jessica Rabbit box

 That's all for now. Thanks for reading! 


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