Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break

Disneyland on a Monday... sounds like a relaxing day with no crowds or long waits for rides, right? Only we forgot one tiny detail... SPRING BREAK! When my boyfriend and I decided to go to Disneyland on Monday, we didn't think about that. So we didn't get to do some of our favorite rides like Space Mountain, Matterhorn, or Indiana Jones (We had only planned to be there for half day, and fast passes had already reach 5:45pm by the time we got them). So instead, we got on some rides with short lines... like Winnie the Pooh!

Walking around both DL and DCA, we noticed how far the new rides and additionals are coming along. The Little Mermaid ride is really starting to take shape, and I can't wait for it to open. But the progress of Cars Land is the most impressive to me.

Say hello to King Triton!
Little Mermaid archway taking shape
Another angle of The Little Mermaid ride
Wow! Look how far Cars Land has come along
Entry way to Cars Land?
More Cars Land progress

 And of course, our day at Disneyland wouldn't be complete with some good ol' pin trading. Here's what I got:

 From the top row, left to right, is Tinkerbell. This pin is awesome, it looks like Tink is peeking out for behind your lanyard! Next is Aurora in her pink dress, with Belle in her yellow ball gown next to her. And the last one on the top row is Belle and Chip with the words Au Revoir written on it. The back of the pins says Adventures by Disney.
Bottom row, left to right, is Zazu and Scar fromThe Lion King, the last one is Minnie dressed as the bride from Haunted Mansion. Back of the pin says GWP (Gift with Purchase). I believe she's a part of the series, which includes the Daisy Madame Leota pin I got a while back.

I was a little sad that we couldn't stay the entire day, and it felt like time just flew by. Not sure when I'll be coming back to Disneyland... I hope at least a couple more times before our passes expire in May. Then we won't be renewing our passes until September.

Late for a very important date!

 Thanks for reading! Check back soon for more updates on the Little Mermaid ride, Cars Land, pin trading, and more!


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